Hospitality Consulting
for Independent
Business Owners

Wow Laboratory Consulting helps small independent hospitality and tourism businesses WOW their clients and maintain a 5-star experience. We create tailor-made quality audits, customer experience strategies and customer service trainings, resulting in client loyalty, employees retention and higher profits. We bring our savoir-faire, expertise and passion to elevate your hospitality business!

Your custom formula to WOW your guests with successful branding, loyal employees, and 5-star ratings across the board.

Your business is steady and doing well, but you know something is missing.


Your clients leave satisfied but never WOWed with the experience, so you barely have return guests.

The turnover rate with your team is high. Employees aren’t clear about their responsibilities and oftentimes you find there is no standard of work, so your guests all have different experiences at your business.

You have varying reviews about your property, some are 5-stars and others are average. It’s hurting your presence online, especially on social media because the average or negative reviews take away from the positive ones.

You want to improve your online presence to have more revenue and a great first impression for potential guests.

Enter the WOW customer experience...Your guide to achieving consistent results, revenue, and happy clients.


I know in the ever-changing and competitive hospitality market, delivering on your customers’ demands is how you create a WOW moment.

A WOW experience, the WOW factor, needs to be consistent across every department, from direct customer-facing (front of house) to the greater public (vendors, visitors, and neighbours).

Imagine 5-star ratings, a loyal and satisfied team, and repeat guests who are so happy to share and refer their friends and family.

Ready to create your own WOW formula for your business?

Let’s work together in the Laboratory,
to create your unique WOW formula

Hospitality Consulting

With years of experience, I have tailored a la carte services to give you a fresh perspective into your business. You’ll leave with an action plan on how to improve your client experience through different audits, such as:

  • Mystery audits
  • Telephone audits
  • Branding and Communication
  • And others.


This is perfect for hospitality businesses that need a smaller service to see where their strengths are and what can be improved.

Trainings & Workshops

A hospitality business is only as successful as its team.

Through various trainings and workshops, your team will be equipped with the skills and tools to be productive, professional, and reliable.


This is for hospitality businesses that want a better team performance and better work environment at all levels.

WOW Packages & Formulas

The Signature WOW Formulas

For hospitality businesses who want full support and guidance to elevate their client experience and WOW their customers.

These comprehensive packages are created to help you…

  • Refresh your image
  • Deep dive into your client journey
  • And train a team that is professional


All leading to 5-star client experiences and client retention.

About Isabelle,
your Hospitality Consultant

Hi, I’m Isabelle!

I’m a Customer Experience Designer with over 26 years in the hospitality industry in France, Croatia, Spain, French West Indies, Cyprus and across the world.

I’ve worked running my own property and rental management business, in hotels, tourism board offices, travel agencies, and destination management companies.

My vision is to raise the profile of the hospitality industry through a WOW formula – fundamental bases, unique customer service journey, and standard quality assurance procedures for employees to follow.

For any business involving contact with others, service is essential when it comes to winning clients, satisfying them, and retaining their loyalty.  Service is actually one of the key differentiation factors among brands.

My mission is to create a WOW customer experience from the inside out for consistent 5-star ratings.

Featured work



Serving clients across Europe, in Spain, Croatia, France, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus and more.
I also work with clients in the Middle East, like Turkey and Lebanon.

Contact me in English, French, Spanish, German, or Croatian – or all five, if you’d like!