You want to elevate your client experience so you can WOW your customers.

Imagine having a unique WOW Formula translating to a positive public opinion, social media draw, and successful branding, so you increase your revenue, have higher staff retention and job satisfaction.

I know what it’s like to own a business in a competitive hospitality field.

I’ve worked opening rental management companies in Croatia, restructuring customer service departments in Cyprus, and more. I know how you can be feeling…

  • Overwhelm running the business, with no time to look at systems, operations, and branding with a fresh perspective… you don’t have time for new ideas because you’re tired.
  • Chaotic busy-ness, without much time to dedicate to all parts of your business, meaning things aren’t up to your standard of excellence.
  • Stagnant. You’re doing well, but you know you can do better. You’re looking for options to improve your business and give it the WOW factor.
  • Frustrated trying to do everything, from legal work, social media, team hiring and training, and making sure your customers have a memorable experience.


Imagine saving time by hiring the right customer relationship expert and consultant, to help you create a custom WOW formula, so you can have more time and energy to focus on what you know well.

I believe in constant learning, growth, and people, which has led me to…

  • Work with international teams in hospitality across Europe, training professional employees, growing loyal guests and gaining new customers, all by word-of-mouth and no marketing fees.
  • Structure various businesses like property rentals and tour agencies, for a solid and professional process for customers and employees, so everyone has an enjoyable experience.
  • Boost online presence for multiple businesses with a professional web design, content, and responding to client needs and questions to create trust and loyalty.
  • Set successful procedures and standards worldwide, for hospitality businesses to grow their revenue and have a lower turnover rate.
Customer Service Designer for Small Businesses in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry.

Things I enjoy, in no particular order:

Summer family road trips with my daughter and partner – the independence, free time, unexpected discoveries, and a change of scenery all inspire me

Aperetivo time for myself at the end of a productive day – outdoors in the summer or near the fireplace during winter with a glass of dry white wine

Hiking – my not-so-secret secret to rejuvenate and re-balance from the active life

Interior decoration with Hygge and Feng Shui – moving furniture, creating a new space at home and in the office, changing decor to match the seasons and colors, it makes me feel so good

Meet some of our partners:

I partner and collaborate with trusted hospitality industry professionals and experts to provide the best experience for my own clients. These are a few of my partners in fields like landscape design, housekeeping, branding and communications, and more.


Serving clients across Europe, in Spain, Croatia, France, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus and more.
I also work with clients in the Middle East, like Turkey and Lebanon.

Contact me in English, French, Spanish, German, or Croatian – or all five, if you’d like!