Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions - I have answers and that’s what this page is for!

Why does hiring a hospitality consultant save you time and money?

Simply put, by working with a hospitality consultant specialised in client experience, you create a foundation built on customer service for your business and team from the beginning, instead of piecing together trainings, procedures, and ideas, then trying to go back and add more as you learn.

Through my work, I give you those foundations and tools and help you apply them to your business and employees.

As a small business, independent hotelier, or owner/manager you need to stand out in your industry. A consultant brings a fresh pair of eyes to aspects that have become an everyday blur to you.

A few ways my work has helped other businesses save time and money:

  • Improve organizational effectiveness in every department, boosting company culture
  • Break down barriers to innovation, giving a property a fresh look that is clean and modern
  • Educate employees for high customer satisfaction & retention, with the right training from the beginning
  • Align brand strategy with communication and marketing, so businesses have an attractive face online
  • Improve online marketing presence, leading to higher sales through organic reach


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What does WOW Laboratory mean?

How do you describe something stunning, amazing, and great? I am known to often use the word WOW to express the awe I have with something.

When brainstorming with a close friend to discuss the next stage in our businesses and lives in general, we debated, reviewed our values, and our mission. During those sessions we joked about joining our laboratories to create a perfect formula to enhance both our professional and personal lives.

After nearly three decades in the hospitality and tourism industry, I decided to shift to consulting and this idea came back to my mind.

WOW Laboratory is a place to gather with you, clients, and experts to work together on ideas to boost your hospitality and tourism business with a WOW Formula at all levels!

What hospitality sectors am I specialized in?

I bring over 26 years of experience in the hospitality sector, specializing in property and rental management companies, hotels, boutique retail stores, and destination management agencies.

I have worked in numerous countries around the world, some being France, Croatia, Spain, the French West Indies, Cyprus, Austria and more, adapting my abilities to learn the fundamentals of any sector related to hospitality (and in 5 different languages)!

What makes your WOW formula and approach different in the hospitality industry?

The hospitality industry is about the people – clients and employees. My passion is in the people! Hospitality, human relations, travel, and interior decor is all to delight and surprise the people with ‘un je ne sais quoi’, the WOW.

My belief is to bring creativity into the hospitality industry to boost the client experience through décor, a simple gesture, or a positive attitude that brings in joy and well-being. This is carried out through my life and business!

And to add a little savoir faire to the WOW formula, I have 26 years of experience making me:

  • Detail-oriented
  • Highly organized
  • Able to improve organizational effectiveness
  • And increase productivity and quality standards


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How does it work, working with a hospitality consultant?

The process looks like:

  1. An initial virtual meeting to learn more about your business and current situation
  2. During the call, we will determine your requirements and decide which service or package best suits your situation and goals
  3. I’ll submit a client quote and schedule to start
  4. We’ll put on our lab coats, and collaborate on creating your business’s WOW formula together


I work between Mallorca, France, and Croatia and with clients anywhere in the world – thanks to the magic of the Internet!

I am available to travel if required! We can discuss more together during our initial call – which you can book here.

What is the investment to work with a hospitality consultant and customer service designer?

Consulting investments are dependent on several factors regarding your business:

  • Size
  • Complexity
  • Location

After our initial virtual meeting, I will send a customized quote taking into account your individual property needs and services.

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Serving clients across Europe, in Spain, Croatia, France, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus and more.
I also work with clients in the Middle East, like Turkey and Lebanon.

Contact me in English, French, Spanish, German, or Croatian – or all five, if you’d like!