Tailored Hospitality Consulting Services

Independent Hoteliers, Property Managers, Boutique Owners, and Investors

Sometimes you find yourself so overwhelmed with everything in the business, there’s no time or moments to brainstorm new ideas, get a fresh look, or find an objective view.

You’re focusing on sustaining the business and doing what you can to continue having customers, so you can’t focus on areas to improve, even though you want to.

With 26 years of experience in…

  • Customer service
  • Talents to adapt and set successful procedures and standards
  • And an open-mind and personality to approach any challenge with optimism


I’ve created different a la carte tailored consulting services for overwhelmed professionals in the hospitality industry.

Through these customer relationship consulting services, I will highlight areas where your business needs small improvements and what you need now to help your business grow its revenue and have loyal clients.

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Hospitality Consulting Services

Health & Safety Audit

Cleanliness is classified as one of the first criteria of loyalty.

The health, the security and the safety of your clients and your team are your absolute priorities? COVID-19 has modified its operations, are they adapted to new standards?

The audit includes the controls on:

  • Cleaning
  • The wear of protection equipment
  • Signalization of the security measures
  • Respect for preventive measures and security measures.


This audit is recommended to assure you that the sanitary protocols and security are applicable to your establishment and to guarantee a safe environment for your clients.

Branding and Communications Audit

How does your online presence and reputation look? Is your website easy to use? Do clients have a smooth purchasing process?

In this audit I’ll review the customer’s user experience on your website and if you have a consistent message digitally. You’ll receive a list of suggestions and actions to improve and where your business shines.

General Consultancy

Discuss any questions with me on various topics, such as service standards, refurbishment, and standard operating procedures.
We will discuss the best action plan and answer your most important questions through our call.

Mystery Guest

Giving you an unbiased view of the quality of your products and services. These visits are anonymous and the guest experience will be studied to give you a full overview of the client journey.

Independent Cleanliness Checks

This consultancy service is ideal for businesses who have a sub-contracted cleaning company.

I will review independent cleanliness checks through different departments.

Interior Design Consultancy

An individual and refreshing approach to interior design, taking into account the emotions of your client through all 5 senses. The goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere for your clients through all touch points.

Telephone Audit

An inquiry call is one of the first impressions a client has of your company. This is a key point of customer service. Learn how your front-end team is performing over the phone with a telephone audit. I’ll review how quickly calls are being answered, how your team responds, and if they are upselling correctly.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manuals

In this service I focus on your operational strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, taking into account employee perspective, staff effectiveness, and existing procedures. This will create a standard operating procedure and level of excellence for your business and team.


” Everything went great, thank you so much for your help and support. I hope we can work together in the future and that tourism industry will get better soon.” Weronika Rapala, Biurorapala Conciergerie

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