Customer ServiceTrainings and Workshops
for Hospitality and Tourism Professionals

Independent Hoteliers, Property Managers, Boutique Owners, and Investors

You’re in the hospitality business because you do it for the people. Whether that’s because you love working with people or you love taking care of people!

We both know that a hospitality and tourism business cannot be successful without a productive, professional, and reliable team.

One that is trained and aware of your business values, standards, and procedures so that each client has a WOW experience.

Onboarding and training seasonal staff for your hospitality and tourism business takes a lot of time and energy.

My mission is to work with you and your employees to train them on all aspects of your client journey, from when they find your business online, to the welcome email, until after they’ve checked out.

Together we will…

  • Set strong procedures for new and existing employees.
  • I will train them, saving you time and energy.

The end result is a productive and eager employees ready to deliver your WOW client experience!

I have over 26 years of experience working with and training diverse teams, in various languages such as English, French, German, Croatian and Spanish, with a solid understanding of cultural backgrounds.

I’ve created systems and structures for teams to follow – boosting team morale and client loyalty… the WOW Client Journey.

Your business thrives on people, your clients and your team.

I have trainings and workshops for better performance and an improved work environment at all levels.

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Training and workshops are available as half or full day intensives.
All workshops and trainings have a maximum capacity of 15 people to create an effective learning atmosphere.

Health & Safety:
Formation and Prevention

COVID-19 has turned the process of daily operations upside down to adapt them to new health and safety standards.

The protocols involve new procedures to be followed and transmitted to all employees for their safety and that of your customers, suppliers and partners.

  • Raise awareness of new hygiene, health and safety standards.
  • Provide information on new cleaning, maintenance etc. processes.
  • Provide information on protective equipment.
  • Provide information on preventive measures.
  • Present the internal measures to be followed in the event of detection of a positive case.

*This workshop is for your entire team.

Handling Customer Complaints

This workshop will help with handling customer complaints in a professional and effective manner.

  • Why customers complain 
  • Identifying processes to deal with the most common objections
  • Communication that works
  • Understanding the customer’s real problem
  • Remaining Calm & Not Over-reacting. The power of behaviour
  • Tips for handling different types of customers
  • Generating customer loyalty

Hospitality and Service​

How do you measure true hospitality?

This workshop is focused on the key part of your business, your staff. This workshop introduces Principles of Customer Service, clear communication, and tactics for handling client concerns.

*This workshop is ideal for client facing employees.

How to Create a Memorable Guest Journey & Add Value to Boom your Business

This workshop focuses on what you can do to add value to your guest experience.

Through lessons and activities, you will step into the shoes of your guests to understand the client journey and how to improve it.

Quality Awareness

Ideal for your entire team, introducing the notion of quality over “specialism”, paying attention to all the details within the areas of your establishment to meet industry standards.

Seasonal Onboard Training & Workshop

Your main concern during the busy tourism season is training your new staff on your company values and standard operating procedures (SOPs). During this workshop and training, I will work with your new staff to set procedures, train them, and make sure they are prepared for the busy season. This will save you time and energy, to focus on other important tasks.


” Isabelle était ma responsable dans le cadre de missions assistance client et audit qualité à l’étranger. Elle m’a été d’un très grand soutien. Son écoute, sa disponibilité et ses conseils m’ont permis d’être guidée en toute confiance dans l’exécution de mes missions. J’ai eu l’occasion de la voir défendre son équipe et ses idées avec ténacité.” Chrystel J.

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