Signature WOW Packages and Formulas
for the Hospitality Industry

Independent Hoteliers, Property Managers, Boutique Owners, and Investors

Whether you want to…

  • Structure your business to make it more professional, with standard procedures, a reliable team, and stand-out branding.
  • Train your team for quality assurance and a sure WOW client experience, so every employee knows how to approach customer concerns and true hospitality.
  • Or a fresh makeover to stand out against the competition in a rapidly growing industry, with new ideas and full team support.

Let’s put on our lab coats and step into WOW Laboratory, so we can create a WOW formula together!

We’ll work on…

  • Getting a fresh look at your business.
  • Deeply understanding your customer journey.
  • All the touch points you can elevate.
  • And activities to empower your team to take your business to the next level.

In each of these WOW Formulas, we will break down how you can create your own ‘WOW Factor’, consistently, with each and every interaction, no matter what department.


Ready to put your lab coat on to study and examine your own WOW formula?

Your WOW Factor is Only a Mixture Away

Business Refresh Formula

Get a fresh look at your business!

Step into the shoes of your customers and discover your business strengths and areas of improvements.

The package includes:

  • General audit of the quality of your services
  • A list of suggestions and recommendations
  • An action plan
  • One-month support

This formula will give you an unbiased view on how your business performs from an expert’s eye, an empowered team providing concrete feedback to resolve issues, an action plan to improve, and quick actions to immediately improve the client journey.

You’ll have your own WOW Formula that can be implemented to directly WOW your customer experience.

Client Delight Formula

Enlighten your customer journey to take your business to the next level, with strategic actions and steps to create customer satisfaction, an elevated brand reputation, and build customer loyalty.

The package includes:

  • General audit of the quality of your services
  • A list of suggestions and recommendations
  • An action plan
  • Full day training according to your business’ specific needs
  • 3-month support minimum

The Client Delight Formula is for businesses who want to have actions to improve your organisational effectiveness, online presence, and consistent marketing communication.

Your team will have the tools to create a professional and welcoming environment, elevating your customers’ journey from when they first find you online to the last goodbye.

Supreme Customer Experience Formula

Breed a company culture centred on true hospitality and customer service.

The ultimate formula for creating a warm and welcome space for your team and guests, from beginning to end.

The package includes:

  • General audit of the quality of your services
  • A list of suggestions and recommendations
  • An action plan
  • 3 full days of training according to your business’ specific needs
  • 6-month support minimum


The Supreme Customer Experience Formula will give you

  • The foundations to make operations and business flow easily
  • A professional and efficient work environment with well-trained staff
  • And guarantee customer and employee satisfaction – boosting team and client loyalty.

This formula is for businesses who want to create an unbeatable customer experience to dominate the industry – starting from understanding the key role of their employees and how that affects the client journey.


” Isabelle est parfaitement au courant des tendances et est capable, sans une longue thérapie, d’analyser, de diagnostiquer et de trouver l’énergie, la force et les solutions pour que votre compagnie retrouve une santé vitale et créative rapidement. J’ai eu la chance de l’avoir dans mon équipe il y a quelques années et nous sommes toujours respectivement très émues en évoquant ces moments privilégiés. Isabelle inspire la gratitude, la confiance et la droiture”. Maria Couturier, CEO Klik Canada

Let’s create your WOW formula together!

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